The Spirit of Winter

A collection of winter photos shot between 2012-2014 by Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt.


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Susan Mallery, Almost Perfect

Susan Mallery, Almost Perfect

Bonsoir, Damon!


"Well,well if it isn’t the sexy fiddler on the roof"

Is a pleasure to see you once again, Damon - nicolas said and smirks - Are you feeling good? - asked and raised an eyebrow, crossing his legs.

Track Title: Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter

Artist: Mary Fahl


When the shadows fall, and the fires burn
The forest calls to me and I must return
The night becomes primordial, it murmurs and it hums
It draws me into mysteries with the sound of beating drums

And I’m so alive
I cant explain
I feel the moonlight
I sense the rain

The ghosts inside the looking glass, I hear their spectral sighs
And the tender sounds of innocence that haunt me with their cries

You and I
We are free
We belong to eternity
Ancient exiles are we

When the hunger comes and I lose control
Hold me in the darkness, bless my tarnished soul
I will run beside you, we’ll leave the past behind
We’ll hide inside the ages, beneath the sands of time…



Maja Wrońska



Día de Muertos en Baja California.

Trip to Mexico, anyone?

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